Cyber Essentials

Improve your organisation's cyber hygiene with Cyber Essentials Basic or Plus.

Avoid 80% of threats

Cyber Essentials will provide you confidence that your IT security can protect your firm from most typical, easy-to-exploit cyberattacks that target targets without the five controls.

Government Contracts

Cyber Essentials is a prerequisite for government contracts. With certification, you can open new market opportunities for your business.

Free Cyber Insurance

Certain organisations may qualify for free cyber insurance with a £25,000 liability cap, while others may earn lower premiums after obtaining Cyber Essentials Status.

Differentiate your business

Some companies choose to partner with those who prioritise cybersecurity. Cyber Essentials demonstrates security compliance with robust standards.


Our Approach To Security

i4 Cybersecurity has a comprehensive approach that encompasses techniques and strategies to protect your business from cyber threats. We start by conducting a thorough assessment of your network and systems to identify vulnerabilities and potential areas of risk. From there, we develop customised solutions, leveraging the latest tech and best practices. 

  • Secure By Design

    i4 Cybersecurity creates  systems and apps with security in mind from the very start. This approach aims to prevent vulnerabilities and weaknesses being introduced during the development process, rather than patching after the fact.

  • Compliant By Design

    i4 Cybersecurity ensures our clients meet regulatory and compliance standards. With a proactive approach to compliance, we help clients avoid costly penalties and legal consequences, while providing peace of mind.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Continuous monitoring enables us to detect and respond to security incidents quickly, minimising the risk of damage to our clients' systems and data. 

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Comprehensive Security Testing Services

i4 Cybersecurity offers a range of security testing services for small and medium-sized businesses in the UK and Ireland.

Cloud Penetration Testing

With the increasing use of cloud services in businesses, ensuring the security of cloud-based systems has become more important than ever. Cloud penetration testing is one of the most effective ways to identify vulnerabilities in cloud systems and prevent cyber attacks. In this article, we will explain what cloud penetration testing is and why your business needs it.

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Incident Response

Incident response services for small and medium-sized businesses. We understand the importance of having a comprehensive incident response plan in place to minimise the impact of a security breach. That's why we offer affordable and effective incident response services to help businesses like yours respond quickly and effectively to any security incidents.

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Web Application Pen Testing

Our Web Application Penetration Testing Service is designed to help organisations identify and mitigate potential security vulnerabilities in their web applications. With our comprehensive testing methodology, advanced tools, and experienced cybersecurity experts, we can help ensure that your web applications are secure and resilient against cyber threats.

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Social Engineering Testing Services

Assess your susceptibility to social engineering attacks, including phishing, spear phishing, and other tactics used by cybercriminals to gain unauthorised access to systems and data.

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Vulnerability Assessment Services

Our Vulnerability Assessment Service is designed to identify potential vulnerabilities in your systems and networks before they can be exploited by cyber attackers. With our comprehensive testing methodology, advanced tools, and experienced cybersecurity experts, we help ensure your systems and networks are secure and resilient against cyber threats.

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What Client’s Say About Us

The team at i4 provided an excellent pen testing service for our new web app.

a wide range of comprehensive security solutions tailored specifically for small to mid-sized organisations

We understand the unique security challenges faced by mid-sized organisations and have designed our services to address those needs.

Trying to make sense of cyber security?

When you need to make sense of the myriad of options available for your cyber security, our team are on hand. 

Want to improve your cyber security posture?

When you need to improve your cyber hygiene, our team can advise you on the right products and services. 

Need 24/7 monitoring with rapid response?

Our Managed Detection and Response services keep your organisation safe around the clock.

Want to secure your staff when working from home?

When you need remote worker secure, our Secure Access Service Edge technology is perfect.

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24/7 Cybersecurity Operation Center

Cybercriminals don't work office hours. That's why our 24/7 threat detection and response services are so important.

  • Managed Web Application
  • SIEM Threat Detection
  • Content Delivery Network
  • 24/7 Hours services
  • Security Management
  • Instant Malware Removal
  • Free Delivary Services
  • Website Hack Repair
  • Website Security Services
  • Provide Security services
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Comprehensive Security Solutions

Our company offers a wide range of comprehensive security solutions tailored specifically for mid-sized organizations. We understand the unique security challenges faced by mid-sized organizations and have designed our services to address those needs. Our offerings include 24/7 monitoring and management of security devices, threat intelligence, vulnerability assessments, incident response, and more, to ensure a robust and proactive security posture.
Expertise and Experience: Our team consists of highly skilled security professionals with extensive expertise and experience in managing security for mid-sized organizations. We understand the nuances of security in this segment, including budget constraints, resource limitations, and compliance requirements. Our team leverages this knowledge to provide practical and effective security solutions that align with the organization's goals and requirements.

Cost-Effective Solutions: We understand that mid-sized organizations often have budget limitations, and our pricing is designed to be cost-effective while delivering high-quality security services. By partnering with our company, mid-sized organizations can achieve a strong security posture without breaking the bank. Our flexible pricing models and customized solutions ensure that organizations get the best value for their investment in security.

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Secure Access Service Edge, is a cutting-edge networking and security architecture that's gaining popularity in the digital world. It revolutionizes the traditional approach of securing networks by moving security services to the cloud and providing secure access to applications and data regardless of location or device. Enjoy a unified, scalable, and simplified solution that integrates networking and security functions, offering improved performance, reduced complexity, and enhanced visibility and control. SASE is empowering businesses to embrace digital transformation securely and efficiently, ensuring that users and data are protected in today's dynamic and cloud-centric environment.


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